Frequent Asked Questions

Q: How do I dispose of the balloons?
All clients are responsible for disposal of balloons unless requested otherwise. Additional fee will be added to order if opting for Balloons by Olivia to return to your site for tear down.

Q: Are balloons bad for the environment?
A: As a lover of our environment and supporter of sustainability I have thought about the potential added waste. Therefore I chose to use 100% biodegradable Qualatex balloons. You can learn more about these sustainable and eco-friendly balloons on the Qualatex website

Q: How are the balloons in heat/sunlight?
A: If the balloons are left all-day in the sunlight, the balloons can start to oxidize and fade. There is a risk of popping if left in extreme heat for prolonged periods of time. For outdoor installations I advise clients to choose a location that is not in the direct sunlight for the majority of their event. Balloons By Olivia is NOT liable for fading or popping of balloons once installation is complete and have left the site.

Q: What happens if it rains or storms on the day of my event?
A: In the event of inclement weather I cannot be held liable due to the circumstance out of my control. If your event is held outdoors, I will be in contact if the forecast is calling for inclement weather and we will discuss a secondary plan.

Q: How long do the garlands last?
A: Air-filled garlands should last for 1-3 weeks if kept out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources.

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